My opinion on the term “hipster”:

From what I gleam, the word hipster is supposed to mean somebody who rejects mainstream culture and focuses on completely unknown values, “hipster” values, if you will. These people are supposed to do what they want to, listen to the music they like, watch movies they want, etc. without the influence of the mainstream society.


My argument for this case is this: if you are doing the opposite of society, then don’t they still have some say in what you do and do not like? For example, if you like a band, then that band becomes popular, so you decide not to like them, that still means that mainstream culture had an influence on your decisions, and then you’re not being “hipster” because you simply are one, but you just want to act like a hipster to be the odd-one-out. And not liking music simply to not like it is not a good reason, and liking a band just because they’re indie is not a good reason to like them.

Myself, I listen to some really mainstream bands, but I also definitely listen to my fair share of indie bands, but not because they’re mainstream or indie, but because I like them. I mean, if you find a song on the radio catchy, you should be able to say that you like it without fearing being called “mainstream”, because mainstream is simply the majority of people. There’s nothing wrong with doing what everybody else is doing. It’s just become so engraved in our minds that we have to be different, and that different is good. I’m not saying that different is bad, because I enjoy loving bands such as Jukebox the Ghost & Goodman Brown, which you’ve probably never heard of before, but I also enjoy songs by more popular bands such as The Script, Neon Trees, etc. Mainstream music must be mainstream for a reason. Music is good from the past, the present, and most likely will still be good in the future. If you don’t like any of that mainstream music, you cannot automatically assume that all modern music is like what you hear on the radio. There are thousands of different genres in the world, and you may not have even found your favorite yet. You could hear a song somewhere that completely captures you and changes your interest in music forever, but you’ll never know if you don’t open your mind up to something outside of your norm.

So, I consider myself to be what I proudly call “half-hipster”, because I definitely enjoy independent music, but have absolutely no problem stating that I like the occasional song found on the radio. To me, good music is good music, whether it’s popular or not. And by letting a music’s level of popularity define whether or not you like it (be it extremely known or extremely unknown), you are simply denying your “hipster” meaning.

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